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HGTV's Change the World, Start at Home Campaign

Philadelphia is one of eight cities that were invited to compete for a $40,000 grant from HGTV through its Change the World, Start at Home Campaign. RTP supporters were encouraged to vote online every day between January 1 and March 2. HGTV announced the two winning cities during their broadcast on Sunday, March 15 at 8:00 pm. Philadelphia and St. Louis got the most votes, so we'll be able to complete the full work scope that we've planned for this veterans housing facility.

This grant enables RTP to make significant repairs to a three-bedroom house that provides veterans with support and shelter during transitional periods. It is owned and operated by the Pennsylvania American Legion Housing for Homeless Veterans Corporation. Built more than 50 years ago, the row house is in the Frankford section of North Philadelphia. Most of the homes in the area are 70-90 years old. Like most houses of similar age, this house is extremely energy inefficient. RTP volunteers will have numerous opportunities to upgrade insulation, windows, fittings and appliances. Not only will this increase efficiency, but also will make the house warmer. RTP volunteers also will be able to replace the fencing in the front yard and do landscaping (which benefits the entire neighborhood) as well as upgrade the kitchen and do other interior repairs. Learn more about what the project will entail. The residents are all veterans who have served their county. This house is a home-like, non-institutional setting, which has a tremendous impact on having each veteran shape his own destiny.

Many thanks to our individual and community ambassadors for their outstanding support in spreading the word about this project.

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