25 Priorities for Safe and Healthy Housing

  1. The homeowner has safe ingress and egress to the home

  2. The roof is watertight

  3. Rainwater is effectively shed and directed away from the structure

  4. Exterior walls have no gaps, cracks or holes larger than 1/8 inch

  5. Windows and exterior doors open and close, lock securely and seal well

  6. Home is free of live infestation of pests, and sources of attraction are removed

  7. The numerals in the property’s street address are clearly visible from the street

  8. Working smoke detector is on each floor and in or near bedrooms to meet code

  9. A working CO detector protects home with gas appliances or attached garage

  10. A currently dated Class ABC fire extinguisher is available in or near the kitchen

  11. Water heaters, furnaces and space heaters that produce CO exhaust outside

  12. No known electrical hazards are present, and kitchens and baths have GFCIs

  13. The homeowner has access to a working water heater, refrigerator and range

  14. The kitchen and bathrooms have an exhaust fan vented outside

  15. The homeowner has access to a working sink, toilet and bathtub or shower

  16. Modifications to toilets and tubs assist those who need help

  17. Grab bars are strategically placed for those at risk of falls

  18. Stairs and steps have secure handrails that meet occupants’ needs

  19. Main rooms and stairs are free of tripping hazards

  20. Old, filthy carpeting has been replaced, preferably with durable flooring

  21. Clothes dryer, if present, vents outside w/ metal duct and unobstructed airflow

  22. The homeowner can maintain the interior temperature in a comfortable range

  23. Main rooms and stairs have adequate lighting for occupants to move safely

  24. Interior paint and wall covering is intact

  25. The home is free of active water leaks and serious moisture problems

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