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September 2020 - RTP Makes Housing Matter
August 2020 - ICYMI: [Re]Builders Made a Difference in Haddington!
July 2020 - Open for Some Good News About the RTP Community
June 2020 - See What's New in June!
May 2020 - [Re]Builders, Thank You for Your Support
April 2020 - Good News & Updates!
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RTP Updates

Volunteer Spotlight - Lisa Lim

Lisa Lim (left) snaps a selfie with homeowner Elander L. (center) and SHEBuild volunteers at the 2017 Kensington Block Build. Lisa Lim has been a committed and valuable member of our family of [Re]Builders for three years. After switching from a 9-5 job to work for herself as a contractor, she realized that she could organize her schedule to allow time for volunteering: “I wanted to connect more with my community.” When she arrived at her first Block Build, in the Kensington neighborhood in 2017, Lisa didn’t know what to expect. “I knew that I was going to be doing repair work in someone’s home, but there were so many people gathered together, and there was so much energy and excitement in t

We Hear You, We See You

Rebuilding Together Philadelphia is heartbroken by the recent killings of George Floyd, Breonna Taylor, and Ahmaud Arbery. We recognize the many other Black and Brown people who have been killed, hurt, falsely accused, profiled, incarcerated, and treated unfairly because of racism, especially in our criminal justice system. RTP stands in opposition to the pervasive, systemic racism that informs the policies that shape our lives. Yet we take hope from the many thousands across the country taking action against racism and white supremacy -- and we demand safety for those protestors. RTP has reached out to all our community partners to say: we hear you, we support you, and how can we help rebui | 4355 Orchard Street Philadelphia, PA 19124 | 215.965.0777

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