Our Approach

Our Mission: Repairing homes, revitalizing communities and rebuilding lives. 

Our Vision:  Safe homes and communities for every person.

Rebuilding Together Philadelphia (RTP) revitalizes communities by transforming vulnerable houses into safe, healthy and energy-efficient homes. RTP brings volunteers and communities together to repair homes and improve lives. Each year, RTP and over 1,000 volunteers provide free safe and healthy home repairs for 75 to 100 homeowners. Read more on our healthy housing initiative here for details about the types of repairs we do. ​

RTP works through four primary programs:

Block Builds

RTP executes three Block Builds a year in April, June and October. Each Block Build is two rebuilding days that utilize between 100 and 250 volunteers, neighbors, and homeowners per day to repair 10 to 25 clustered homes in a targeted neighborhood.

Every Block Build includes:

Community Partner – a nonprofit with direct ties to the neighborhood that helps us identify blocks and homeowners

Homeowners - eligible homeowners from targeted blocks are encouraged to apply

Volunteers – each home has 8-12 volunteers working to complete repairs over several days. Additional volunteers help with materials management, photography and hospitality.

House Captains – the project managers break down tasks by day and room, assign volunteers to tasks, and keep everyone on task.

Skilled Leaders – each house has a skilled leader to order materials, and assist and train volunteers.

Watch a block build in action in the video below:

Emerging [Re]Builders

Emerging [Re]Builders allows Career and Technical Education (CTE) students to put their classroom skills to work to repair homes for seniors. Throughout the year, high school students provide essential plumbing, electrical, masonry and carpentry repairs learned in their construction curriculum.


Additionally, students focus on aging-in-place improvements for elderly homeowners such as grab bar and handrail installation, tripping hazards and old carpet removal, and step repair. Every year, Emerging [Re]Builders serves 25 homeowners age 62 or older who are at or below 80% of Area Median Income and who live near or in the Fairhill section of North Philadelphia. Watch an Emerging [Re]Builders video below:

Asthma Trigger Reduction Program

Reducing triggers of breathing issues in a home can have a monumental impact on the health of the residents. A startling 25% of children living in poor neighborhoods in Philadelphia has asthma. COPD is the third leading cause of death in the United States. CHOP refers families with children who have been to the ER or hospitalized for asthma.

Middle Neighborhoods Initiative

Repairing homes of homeowners age 55 or older in Northwest Philadelphia. Middle neighborhoods often fall through the cracks – neither in crisis nor booming, these neighborhoods are critical to a thriving Philadelphia.​

To apply for one of RTP’s programs see our Eligibility page here.

Thanks to our friends at The PHILO Project for this video. The PHILO Project produces high quality professional videos for Philadelphia’s small nonprofits free of charge! 

Thanks to Michael Candelori, Cinematographer & Visual Artist, MICHAELCANDELORI.COM for donating this video!


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