Volunteer Spotlight: Rachel Dierking

Meet Rachel Dierking, volunteer and supporter extraordinaire! Rachel has volunteered with the Run to Rebuild (R2R) Committee for six years and encourages others to join, saying, “It’s rewarding to see it all come together on Run Day.” She adds “I see how critical this event is to funding the Block Builds… boxes and boxes of flooring, five-gallon buckets of paint, grab bars, shower heads…” the list goes on.

Rachel has become an invaluable member of the Block Build crews as well. "[I am] reminded about all the cool stuff I have had an opportunity to learn and do, from OT help, to cleaning up green spaces, to serving lunch and carrying boxes of flooring. There really is something for everyone."

Rachel has become an invaluable member of the Block Build crews as well. She was hesitant when first invited by an RTP staff person. Rachel countered, “but I don’t have any skills…I can’t paint.” The staff person allayed Rachel’s concerns, saying “we’ll train you. We’ll put you with the right people. You have good project management skills and that’s just as important.” Fast forward to 2018 and Rachel is now a long-time member of the Run to Rebuild planning committee as well as a seasoned Block Build volunteer, helping with all aspects of hospitality and loading/unloading the truck. Rachel is continually impressed by the homeowners that she meets on Block Builds. She recognizes the trust it takes for homeowners to let volunteers come into their home over a weekend. She feels good about helping homeowners who struggle with asthma, and she is always moved when she hears a homeowner’s testament about how meaningful these repairs are for them. In Rachel’s words, “You can’t help but want to keep helping them!” Rachel says that she values RTP’s staff and how efficient, and thoughtful they are with everyone they work with. We feel the same about Rachel! We are so grateful to her and we love having her be a part of our RTP family. Thank you Rachel!

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