Corporate Sponsor Spotlight - Philadelphia Insurance Companies

Volunteers from Philadelphia Insurance Companies at an RTP Block Build

“We are very excited about what that partnership has grown into.”

“It was clear right away that it would be the right fit,” says Philadelphia Insurance Companies’ (PHLY) Thea Valero, referring to the corporate sponsorship and volunteer engagement that they’ve provided two years in a row. Valero manages PHLY’s corporate social responsibility programs including philanthropy, volunteering and employee health and wellness.

When asked what she likes best about the program, Valero stated, “the greatest experience is when employees are working together with homeowners, benefiting them directly. They get to see the last piece of the puzzle and walk away knowing that the impact can be life changing for the homeowner.” Many of PHLY’s employees grew up in West Philadelphia where the Block Builds take place and still have family there.

PHLY is a premier, national insurance carrier that designs, markets and underwrites commercial products and services for nonprofit entities. They happen to provide liability insurance for RTP, as well! PHLY operates nationwide through 15 regional offices and boasts 2,000 employees.

Valero is proud to share that her company has a long-standing history of giving back and building trust with the community. “It’s very special that we can deliver on that commitment. Having involved employees is key to creating positive outcomes.” In 2018, PHLY landed a coveted spot on the 100 “Best Places to Work” list for Pennsylvania.

PHLY employee Sandra Kalbach (Team Leader, Claims) recounted the highlights of her Block Build experience, “At the end of the day, I was tired, dirty, and floating on air that I was able to make a difference in someone else’s life! Thank you for a wonderful experience.”

Thea concludes, “We really see it as a win-win…we’re very happy that our employees make a connection beyond a business relationship.”

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