Volunteer Spotlight - Lisa Lim

Lisa Lim (left) snaps a selfie with homeowner Elander L. (center) and

SHEBuild volunteers at the 2017 Kensington Block Build.

Lisa Lim has been a committed and valuable member of our family of [Re]Builders for three years. After switching from a 9-5 job to work for herself as a contractor, she realized that she could organize her schedule to allow time for volunteering: “I wanted to connect more with my community.”

When she arrived at her first Block Build, in the Kensington neighborhood in 2017, Lisa didn’t know what to expect. “I knew that I was going to be doing repair work in someone’s home, but there were so many people gathered together, and there was so much energy and excitement in the air… that’s when I knew that this was going to be a lot of fun!” She could have focused on the singular task of getting the repairs done. Instead, Lisa used her role as Skilled Leader in the SHEBuild house to empower other women-identifying volunteers with advanced skills to repair many more homes in our community. Lisa is continuing to grow her own skills as well, as she apprentices with the Electrician’s Union.

We asked Lisa what might surprise readers about her. Lisa replied that she plays the ukulele and that she has done contracting work in Antarctica and Greenland. When Lisa isn’t working or volunteering, she enjoys spending time doing outdoor activities such as camping and rock-climbing. When you see her at a future volunteer project, make sure to ask her about her most recent rock-climbing trip!

Recently, Lisa has been completing repair work during COVID-19 for homeowners in neighborhoods such as West Oak Lane and Kensington. Lisa is driven by the conviction that, “It’s important that people in Philly are living in safe, healthy and warm homes.” Her contribution goes far beyond the physical changes to a house – Lisa gives confidence and affirmation to the people she serves. One homeowner gave Lisa very high regards to the work she received, “I have been amazed and in tears. Lisa has gone over and beyond with her duties… it’s amazing with everything she is doing! I have tears in my eyes because she has a beautiful heart,” said Carrie B., a West Oak Lane homeowner.

Thank you, Lisa!

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